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Making health care better, together. Inspirity Health Partners

Disrupting the supply chain for the real bottom line: saving lives.

It’s time to re-think the traditional supply chain. It’s time for healthcare providers to claim a larger share of value presently flowing through the supply chain. Time to move to greater provider control of the supplies needed for patient care. Time to capture new revenue for patient care, investments in technology, growth in capacity and the demand for quality improvement. It’s time for healthcare providers to disrupt the status quo and deliver even better life-saving care. With Inspirity Health Partners, you’ll be part of a future that redefines the provider’s role in the supply chain process. By working together, we will rethink, reimagine and redesign how procurement works for healthcare providers today and in the future and better support the goals of the enterprise.

Healthcare providers are under pressure.

It’s the question facing every healthcare provider: How best to combine superior patient care with superior patient value?

Hospital and health system margins are being squeezed due to pressure on payments, labor shortages and increased labor costs, as well as unpredictable pharmaceutical and supply availability and expenditures.

What’s more, management is challenged to select from a myriad of investment opportunities including new technologies and initiatives to support value-based care. Plus, Covid and shortages in pharmaceuticals and supplies have hit the supply chain hard and require a strengthening of the system’s resilience.

Inspirity Health Partners offers a model that injects business innovations and operational capacity to relieve providers from having to solve these mounting issues on their own. This will prove particularly valuable in the face of rising interest rates and a highly volatile capital markets environment.

The disruption of the status quo.



We turn providers’
expense into new

Inspirity Health Partners is a leap forward in healthcare procurement that brings you:

Strategic sourcing

Strategic sourcing supported through best-in-class partners

Advanced procurement

Advanced procurement financing made possible by powerful analytics


A multi-enterprise digital procure-to-pay (P2P) platform functioning as a single buyer providing the benefits of consolidated purchasing

Now, you can look at expenditures in the healthcare supply chain not as a draw-down on hospital margins, but as a leverageable financial asset for your organization.

Inspirity Health Partners applies best-in-class supply chain management to accelerate the internal transformation of hospitals’ supply chain management processes and transfer practices and applications that have yielded enormous returns to Mayo Clinic, accomplished by Mayo Clinic Supply Chain Management, a founding partner of Inspirity. Likewise, our sophisticated AI-driven analytics coupled with operational expertise and an advanced funding model enable us to generate unprecedented incremental revenue from the healthcare supply chain for participating members.

Inspirity Health Partners brings you several groundbreaking innovations in one place, a place where multiple hospitals and health systems can participate on a single, state-of-the-art procurement platform, creating the synergistic advantages of a merger and redefining supply chain disruption for the benefit of participating providers.

The result: new revenues and assets for hospitals and health systems, giving providers more power to do what you do best — deliver outstanding care for your communities, make care affordable and improve outcomes.

Making more possible together.

Inspirity Health Partners gives you access to a best-in-class platform that delivers more power and possibility in managing your supply chain. As a member, you’ll get the tools that enable you to:


Our platform empowers member partners to enhance key supply chain functions, streamlining supply chain management and creating real, measurable value.

Realize New

Apply AI-driven analytics coupled with best-in-class supply chain management to capture new revenue as a leverageable financial asset to generate unprecedented incremental revenue which gives you more power to deliver world-class healthcare.

Provide Better
Patient Care

Align the supply chain with clinical teams supporting care processes; gain access to our partners’ market-leading clinical databases, resources and tools; and apply funds to enhance patient care models and processes.