Achieving greater transformation, faster.

Inspirity Health Partners combines the best-in-class supply chain practices of co-founders Mayo Clinic Supply Chain Management with the advanced business analytics and financing capabilities of HumanityCorp, offering providers a new and continuous way to fund profound transformations in technology and patient care–changes today’s healthcare environment demands.

Achieving greater transformation, faster

A platform that puts buyers in the driver’s seat.

Our platform business model for healthcare purchasing is fundamentally different. As a buyers’ platform, it provides essential scale for members to achieve the best value.

To achieve that market scale, as well as the potential for vertical integration, our solution calls for a synthetic merger of multiple hospital and health system supply chain procurement operations. This multi-enterprise, analytics-driven digital S2P (source to payment) operating model creates a single buyer, simplifying and dramatically reducing the redundancies, administration and costs of purchasing for all members.

Member hospitals or systems achieve the synergistic effects of a merger without the associated structural complications, cultural challenges and financial risks.

Unlocking the value of present value.

The Inspirity Health Partners business model creates new revenue by increasing and optimizing present value and leveraging future provider spend as capital.

Health systems’ consistent and predictable back-office cash flows have significant present value, which can unlock order-of-magnitude opportunity for performance improvement and value creation.

Monetizing your future spend.

Our advanced procurement financing model applies powerful predictive analytics and creates off-balance sheet investments, all while protecting hospital assets.

We use the value of future cash to solve today’s challenges, accessing capital to fund necessary investment in healthcare technology and infrastructure now.

This model is based on meticulous analysis and years in R&D testing algorithms, applying artificial intelligence and perfecting advanced predictive analytics for supply chain spend.

We are so confident in our model that Inspirity Health Partners will make a financial commitment to the provider in a format that best supports the organization’s priorities for clinical and operational excellence.

Converting your supply chain into an operational and financial powerhouse.

The unique business model and proven operational strategy is designed to accelerate the internal transformation of supply chain management processes. It enables the transfer of practices and applications, including technologies, that have yielded enormous returns to Mayo Clinic.

This includes a breadth of leading practices in sourcing and contract management for direct, indirect and pharmacy procurement. Financial benefits for Inspirity Health Partners’ members come through enterprise standardization and utilization management, early pay discounts, proven supply chain and procurement leading practices, vertical integration and strategic partnership capabilities.

Evolution of Supply Chain: The Next Generation.

More than 20 years ago, Mayo Clinic embarked on a journey of improvement, reducing paperwork and administrative complexity and optimizing people, processes and the technology already in place. Over time, the organization built and refined leading practices that live today within Inspirity Health Partners.

These Mayo Clinic advances include an innovative Procure-to-Pay (P2P) structure and reinvented supply chain management to automate purchase order and invoice processing, eliminate paper and reduce non-value-added activities.

For the last five years, Mayo Clinic has earned the distinction of being at the top of the Gartner Supply Chain Masters In Healthcare ranking.

Strategic integration.

Drawn from Mayo Clinic Supply Chain Management leading practices and its model for clinical collaboration, Inspirity Health Partners works with member organizations to optimize value, quality and outcomes. We facilitate your transformation to a clinically integrated supply chain by:

  • Building a mature physician-supply chain partnership, aligning the business and patient care needs of hospitals and physician practices
  • Elevating interactions with nursing to a strategic level
  • Focusing product variation on patient needs and outcomes
  • Enabling day-to-day leadership and adoption of leading practices and service delivery
  • Providing mechanisms to invest in the supply chain operating unit to enable its supply chain to have better integration within the organization

An Inspirity Health Partners engagement for a health system is unlike any other.

  • No dependency on outsourcing or elimination of staff to produce value
  • No out-of-pocket investment or financial outlay to participate
  • No replacement of your ERP
  • No short-term 3rd party intervention and then you are on your own to realize value

In contrast to other engagements, Inspirity Health Partners is a co-management relationship that is additive on a number of dimensions.

We Do:

  • Support your supply chain with more people and expertise
  • Make financial investments on your behalf in your operation
  • Complement your existing ERP
  • Commit for the long-term to actively improve your supply chain and to be accountable for achieving incremental value

Partnerships that make even more possible.

At the foundation of Inspirity Health Partners are the combined strengths of Mayo Clinic Supply Chain Management and its industry leadership and HumanityCorp, which offers an extraordinary track record of executing novel financing products with Wall Street and private investors.

Inspirity Health Partners also draws on relationships with other best-in-class service providers such as Vizient, Captis, GHX, Tecsys, CitiusTech, etc for data, analytics, artificial intelligence, staffing support, and nationally recognized consulting and operational services.

Inspirity Health Partners brings you other best-in-class service providers such as Vizient for procure-to-pay (P2P) services, as well as for its services related to indirect expenditures. Additional world class partners will be added to continuously strengthen our capabilities and the performance of the operating platform.

Founding Partners
Best-in-Class Service Providers