Member benefits

Member benefits

Inspirity Health Partners brings hospitals and health systems a comprehensive transformational supply chain management solution, including an industry-leading procurement platform that creates real value generation, real revenue impact and real ways to improve operationally.

Inspirity helps you prepare for a bright future while making a measurable difference for your organization today.

Your participation yields compounded rewards.

Your commitment activates Inspirity Health Partners to work collaboratively with you to ensure value generation above and beyond what your existing independent efforts may yield, converting supply chain expense into a leverageable asset that unlocks hidden value imbedded in your organization.

You can expect Year One value delivery. In fact, we are prepared to make an upfront financial commitment that is tailored to your organization. And we bring you a proven path to keep those financial benefits going and growing for years to come. This occurs through a time-tested approach executed at Mayo Clinic, combined with an infusion of off-balance sheet capital and a groundbreaking multi-enterprise platform that creates a super buyer on behalf of participating hospitals and health systems.

Inspirity Health Partners Solutions

Strategic Sourcing

Best-in-class sourcing partners and advanced analytics

Multi-Enterprise S2P Platform

Offers the simplicity and equivalency of a single buyer and single supplier

Operational and Business Innovation

Gartner-recognized supply chain leader Mayo Clinic, with HumanityCorp’s successful innovation in business financing

Clinical Engagement

Optimizes alignment toward enhanced quality and utilization

Long-Term View of Value Creation

Comprehensive spend management leading to best value enabling vertical integration of manufacturing.

Health Provider Benefits


Inspirity Health Partners commits the investment to convert supply chain expense into a new source of revenue, and ensure value generation above and beyond health system’s existing efforts


Through co-management, Inspirity Health Partners upskills and retools member partners’ supply chain functions, and invests in the latest analytic and AI technology to advance supply chain management and create value

Quality of Care

Engagement with clinical teams supports reliably resourced care and quality improvement

Experienced Leaders

Strategic and operational management, with incremental off-balance sheet investment

Speed to Value

Leverage Mayo Clinic’s 20+ year track record to deliver value beginning day one

Delivering value from Year One.

Leveraging Mayo Clinic’s 20-year track record, Inspirity Health Partners doesn’t make you wait to the see the fruits of your efforts and does not require financial investment on your part.

Hospitals and healthcare systems can pursue strategies on their own — but the barriers are high, requiring sustained dedication, strategic capital investment and continuous process improvements. That’s exceedingly difficult to achieve when operating unilaterally. Given the ever-changing landscape of healthcare, it takes a great deal of time, experimentation and investment to build an advanced procurement model and, even then, results often come up short of plan.

With Inspirity, you get greater speed to value facilitated by investments in new technology, processes and tools, access to a shared state-of-the-art infrastructure and a seasoned professional management team. No health system incremental investments expected, either upfront or throughout the long term engagement.

A co-management structure that brings you advanced financial planning and budgeting.

Working in concert with your team — and as resource for it — Inspirity Health Partners is able to upskill and retool member partners’ supply chain functions, investing in the latest analytic and AI technology to advance management of procurement and resources to create value.

Without requiring a reduction in staffing, Inspirity aims to make everyone more productive, adding sophisticated data science and modernized processes, that advances purchase planning, budgeting and expense management for the entire supply chain.

Leading practices that raise the quality of care.

Inspirity Health Partners recognizes there’s more than one bottom line in healthcare. Financial strength is essential, but so is the ability to raise the bar on the patient experience and outcomes.

Inspirity Health Partners brings you:

Supply chain

Supply chain leading practices and service delivery that aligns with clinical teams to support care processes and optimal utilization


Access to our partners’ market-leading clinical databases, resources and tools that you can count on to drive measurable quality improvement results

Newfound funds

Newfound funds that can be applied to enhance patient care models including clinical care redesign, digital advancements, ambulatory expansion, health inequities solutions and facility modernization

A multi-enterprise procurement platform.

Our truly revolutionary multi-enterprise P2P (Procure to Payment) platform will offer:

  • A centralized purchase and transactional platform — the goal a powerful unified procurement utility on behalf of health systems to the supply industry
  • Requisitions through a system’s own ERP interfaced to multi-enterprise platform ERP
  • Transactions and settlements between and among buyers and sellers managed on a common platform.

By creating a single buyer and the equivalent of a single supplier, we offer Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs) all the benefits and advantages of strength in unified purchasing coupled with one-of-a-kind simplified and automated operations, driving long-term value for all parties.

Working together to achieve more.

Participating in a multi-enterprise purchasing platform, coupled with financial strength, generates untapped revenue opportunities and positions participating health systems in a community that would enable disruption of the historical dynamics of the healthcare supply chain. We can and should operate as other industries including realizing the potential of vertical integration.

Disruption that creates critical reliability.

Inspirity Health Partners will pursue all methods on behalf of health systems to create additional revenue streams and provide greater influence, security and accountability at a time when a resilient and predictable supply chain are more essential than ever.

Solutions for realistic and durable
supply chain transformation.

We bring you strategic and operational expertise for an accelerated transfer of knowledge and leading practices, state-of-the art-innovation and a long-term plan for a supply chain system that benefits buyers ready for a strategic commitment that will bring enterprise-wide benefits.