Our Approach

A disciplined, scientific process designed for maximum results.

Inspirity Health Partners is creating a transformative strategic utility. Through our unique co-management model we’ll create immediate value, contribute to improved clinical care and provide the glide path to vertical integration.

Inspirity Health Partners leads and funds the acceleration of supply chain optimization. By monetizing the supply chain and using a scientific approach to supply expense projection, we can reposition predictable and ongoing expenditures as an asset, all backed by a collaborative model of cooperation and proven implementation.

Inspirity Health Partners will aid in development of a clinically integrated supply chain which elevates performance of existing staff to become a trusted and integral partner to the clinical practice as well as your administrative and financial leaders.



Review of







Joint decision

We work with you to get the data that drives results.

Inspirity Health Partners’ data acquisition approach is an iterative process, one in which our data experts work directly with the health system data team. We harvest longitudinal data supplied by the healthcare organization through a secure system. The result is visibility into the metrics that will enable us to create the greatest value for you the fastest.

Inspirity Health Partners creates a baseline using historical hospital purchasing patterns by analyzing:

  • Revenue recognition
  • Measuring detailed spend and expenses metrics
  • Deciphering demographics and patient mix for each facility
  • Correlating expenses to in-patient vs out, understanding
  • past and planned M&A activities
Review of needs

Your needs are our starting point.

In determining how best to serve your organization, we perform a rigorous supply chain maturity assessment that includes an on-site qualitative assessment used to refine your value profile and a determination of your organizational readiness which informs a more detailed opportunity assessment and implementation approach.

Trendline projection

Proceed to the future with confidence.

Understanding how to unlock long-term value requires an advanced, statistical spend projection model. Inspirity Health Partners takes its statistical approach to a 10-year trendline projection, increasing knowledge of (and resilience to) risk and variability and helping you better understand savings opportunities.

IHP’s AI-driven trendline model uses past spending patterns and projects that spend with a high-level of confidence. This exercise alone creates critical insights into an organization’s operation and opportunities for improvement.

Value proposition

See exactly where your potential value lies.

Once we understand your needs and opportunities, we prepare an in-depth proposal that includes an assessment of your final spend and a final value trendline and pathway that provides a clear picture of what you can expect. The proposal scopes the relationship and firms up commitments.

Joint decision


Get started with confidence.

As part of an extensive onboarding process, staff will be onsite to help your organization navigate the transition. Inspirity Health Partners will begin with a transition to new pricing on direct products with anticipated completion of primary contract formulary activities within nine months. During this period, we will perform a detailed analysis and create sourcing waves for indirect products and services that will be co-developed with your teams.


Leveraging institutional talent.

Inspirity Health Partners firmly believes that co-management of the supply chain with robust integration with the culture and clinical staff is the primary path to success. This will include enhanced training for your existing staff through tools and processes that your organization and we will use to align strategic opportunities and improve performance.

Clinical Integration
Inspirity Health Partners embraces a clinical integrated approach to supply chain management by working closely with key clinical staff in specialty areas for product sourcing and selection. That approach is built upon the philosophy that clinical staff should assist with the selection and utilization of the safest, best outcome and cost-effective products and services.

Ongoing performance

Tracking your success.

Value creation will be tracked and reported on a regular basis. This includes monitoring variances to the projected trendline that will naturally occur as your business changes over time. There will be a true up of the expense line should it deviate due to practice, market changes, etc.